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The world today is evolving into a single economic bloc.  Aggressive expansion into world markets is the key to success for manufacturers entering the 21st century.  TCM is defining its position as "One of the World's Leading Companies".  The Management Team at TCM embraces the changing market and is committed to total customer satisfaction in every market worldwide.  How can TCM satisfy global consumer needs?  TCM is answering the question through integrating research and development, production, quality control and service.

TCM is dedicated to cutting edge technologies that meet the requirements of both end users and work environments.   TCM is focused on providing value-added equipment that meets the needs of ever changing work environments. 

TCM's closely linked service network allows their service personnel to be in continual contact with designers and end-users.  This contact and data gathering leads to the development of cutting edge product improvements. The new multi-tiered parts system ensures the highest level of parts support. 

TCM builds more than machinery....TCM builds relationships.

Feel free to browse around the TCM Lift Truck line of products.

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