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Why Buy A Forklift Preventative Maintenance Service Agreement?

Congratulations, you are now an owner of a new or used forklift truck. Now you are trying to decide if you should invest in a forklift preventative maintenance service agreement. Just as with any other major purchase such as a home, vehicle, major electronic purchase, you want to make sure you have adequate 'insurance' against major defects and costly repairs. Owning a forklift truck should be no different.

Improperly Serviced Forklifts Can Be A Hazard

Without preventative maintenance, a forklift truck can actually become a hazard to both the operator of the lift truck as well as those in the vicinity of the truck operation. One documented incident with OSHA involved a forklift operator who had just finished placing a roll of coiled steel on a flatbed trailer and began to backup off the flatbed.

There were two employees standing at the rear of the truck. As the forklift truck backed up, it struck first the assistant manager pushing him aside and then striking the second employee. The driver's side rear tire knocked the employee to the ground and subsequently caught him under the lift truck, dragged and killed him.

An investigation into the accident revealed that the driver's side cab window and both rearview mirrors on the forklift truck were damaged. With proper pre-operation inspections and preventative maintenance, such a tragedy could have been avoided.

In fact, OSHA requires a pre-shift inspection prior to putting any forklift into operation.

Get A Sample Daily Check-Off Inspection Sheet From Clark MHC

Planned maintenance should be done according to set schedule.

The manufacturers of your forklift truck have designed them to withstand rigorous use, as materials handling is no light job. However, overtime parts of your forklift wear out and need replacing and servicing.

The manufacturer of the lift truck has detailed engineering analysis to know how long parts will generally last. That is why they have designed scheduled forklift preventative maintenance plans to address those components that might need replacement or servicing BEFORE they actual fail.

MS Equipment offers a 200-point inspection designed to identify potential issues prior to them becoming major repair items.  These repairs can be scheduled to eliminate downtime during your hours of operation.

Keep Proper Preventative Maintenance Records

It is important to keep detailed records of the preventative maintenance performed on your lift truck. This information should include, but not limited to, the service worked performed, lift truck hours of operation, and costs for such service or repair.

This information assists in determining the total cost of ownership and is useful in making decisions about outright purchases of lift trucks verses leasing lift trucks.

Reduce Expense and Eliminate Costly Downtime

Many times companies that purchase a brand new forklift truck elect not to purchase a forklift preventative maintenance service agreement. This is like playing Russian Roulette with your bank account. Not only will you incur the costs of repairs, but you could potentially be loosing many thousands of dollars in downtime while that lift truck is non-operational. Time is money, and for many businesses, a non-operational forklift means that trucks are not being loaded and freight is not being shipped.

A properly maintained forklift truck can significantly reduce your repair expenses by fixing them before they become a major repair item.

In conclusion, buying a forklift preventative maintenance service agreement is good insurance to maintaining a safe, operational lift truck. It only takes one accident, one major repair or one non-operational day to realize that such a policy is truly well worth the money spent.

MS Equipment, Inc. offers a variety of preventative maintenance service agreements to keep your forklift truck operating efficiently and safely. Fill out our request for service and have one of our service representatives craft a PM service agreement that fits your needs.

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