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Our Frequently Asked Questions cover the most popular topics we see in our webmaster email.


What types of leases do you offer?

We can offer a variety of leasing options to meet your needs. Some of our more popular leasing arrangements are:

  • Operating Lease
  • Capital Lease
  • Residential Lease
  • Fair Market Lease

Custom designed leases are available from 2 - 7 years with $1.00 option or ballon payment. Contact us for more information.

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How do you determine the type of forklift that will be required of our materials handling needs?

We will come to your facility and do a No Charge plant survey to determine the type and quantity of forklift required.  We have access to engineering departments that will analyze your load requirements and rate or de-rate equipment to your needs assuring safe utilization of your forklifts.

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